What We Do

Innovative solutions in medical claims cost containment.

Over time, we’ve developed an amazing toolkit of medical claims solutions.  If you process medical claims, we can help optimize your process and increase savings over traditional methods.

At the beginning of our engagement, we’ll take a data extract and conduct some proprietary analysis.  Following this analysis, we will make some initial recommendations to achieve new savings right out of the gate.  We’ll run that program as an additional layer, over and above your existing process. And guess what?  You haven’t paid us a dime yet.  Once we’ve proven our method, we’ll really roll up our sleeves and work to identify further opportunities for improvement and savings.

Rolled Sleeves
Savings Generated
Satisfied Clients

  • Non-traditional Cost ContainmentNon-traditional Cost Containment
  • Plan Performance ConsultingPlan Performance Consulting
  • Strategic & Product MarketingStrategic & Product Marketing
  • Revenue AccelerationRevenue Acceleration

The Bottom Line: What are we best at?

At HealthBridge, we consult with you, the claims payers, to identifying hard savings dollars on reducing medical claims, and in some cases, new revenue streams and growth opportunities. We assess potential savings opportunities and recommend how to implement without disrupting processes in place.  In turn we help connect you with potential customers within our network.

What's not to love?