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HealthBridge is a team of healthcare industry veterans with experience on both sides of the medical payment equation.  Committed to innovation in cost containment, HealthBridge is your strongest ally in the campaign for savings.  If you pay or administer medical claims, we can help streamline your process and increase your savings over traditional models. Our uncommon combination of analytics and customized solutions allows us to connect you with pure savings where you are not even looking today.

Because we look for savings where no one else is willing to dig, what we find for you is often pure savings. Not an extra 10th of a percent where you are already mining. Not optimization of an existing solution. Pure savings. And we get pretty excited about that.  This pure savings is the starting point. We’ll prove ourselves with a no cost or low cost trial run (depends on the service – you can try fee negotiations for 30 days free, for example, other services may have a nominal startup cost. Either way, we prove ourselves to you before asking you to make a significant investment).  After which, we’ll move on to a deeper evaluation and layer on solutions or patches that make sense.

Core Competencies

  • Powerful ScalabilityWe can handle your medical claims volume.
  • Ready to GoWe can get started with little effort and a free proof of concept.
  • Boosting SavingsWe find savings where no one else is willing to look.
  • Awesome ServiceWe see you through every step and continue to work with you to maximize your savings opportunities.

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